High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ): A Paradigm for Sustained Competence

High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ) represent a transformative approach to professional development. Brinkerhoff et al. (2019) define an HPLJ as “a sequenced series of brief instructional modules, provided over time, which help participants acquire needed fundamental knowledge and then engages them in several cycles of application-with-feedback activities that build their skills incrementally until they reach a targeted level of sustained and independent competence” (p. 30). This methodology, refined through over four decades of research by Dr. Brinkerhoff and his team, has demonstrated its superiority in maintaining performance outcomes over traditional instructional frameworks such as ADDIE, AGILE, and SAM.

Central to the HPLJ methodology is the empowerment of adult learners to take command of their educational trajectory. This process initiates with a dialogue between the learner and their supervisor, mentor, or coach, focusing on desired learning outcomes, professional advancement, and alignment with the organization’s strategic objectives.

A key instrument within HPLJ is the Program Performance Path (PPP), a tailored document delineating learning outcomes, critical moments-that-matter (MtM) applications, performance results, and the business justification. The PPP, once ratified by both the learner and their managerial personnel, paves the way for mentoring and coaching sessions, integral components of the HPLJ framework.

HPLJ eschews the conventional, extended classroom settings in favor of a blended learning strategy that incorporates a variety of modalities. This includes microlearning segments, mentoring and coaching sessions, e-learning modules, and reflective exercises, among others.

For organizations aiming to achieve enduring performance improvements, HPLJ offers a robust and proven solution. To explore how HPLJ can benefit your organization, please reach out through our contact form or via email provided below.

Figure 1: HPLJ Methodology expanded

Figure 2: A guide to create an effective PPP

Figure 3: An example of a PPP for sales employees


Brinkerhoff, R. O. et al. (2019). Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys