High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ)

What is an HPLJ? According to Brinkerhoff et. al., (2019), "an HPLJ is a sequenced series of brief instructional modules, provided over time, which help participants acquire needed fundamental knowledge and then engages them in several cycles of application-with-feedback activities that build their skills incrementally until they reach a targeted level of sustained and independent competence" (p. 30). Dr. Brinkerhoff and his research team conducted over 40 years of research that helped develop the HPLJ methodology. It is proven to sustain performance results over a longer length of time than traditional instruction frameworks, like ADDIE, AGILE, and SAM.

The HPLJ methodology takes adult learning and puts the individual in charge of their learning path (their learning journey). This starts with a conversation with their supervisor, mentor, or coach about what they would like to learn, their professional growth, and how it fits in with the overall business plan for the organization.

One tool that is used is called the Program Performance Path (PPP). It is a document that is generated that provides a clearer picture for an individual by explaining the learning outcomes, moments-that-matters (MtM) applications, performance outcomes, and business rationale. Once this document is approved by the learner and the supervisor or manager, mentoring and coaching sessions will be key functions of HPLJ.

Blended learning methods are incorporated to include a diverse modality approach. Instead of three to five-day classes, seminars, or workshops, instead, traditional delivery methods are spread to microlearning segments, mentoring/coaching sessions, e-learning, and reflection exercises; to name a few.

If you desire sustainable performance results, then HPLJ is the choice for you. For more information, contact us using the contact form or email us at the bottom of the page

Figure 1: HPLJ Methodology expanded

Figure 2: A guide to create an effective PPP

Figure 3: An example of a PPP for sales employees


Brinkerhoff, R. O. et al. (2019). Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys.