Founder & CEO/Lead Consultant and Principal Training Specialist

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James Stephens: HRD Visionary and Innovator

At the forefront of HRD, James Stephens blends 26 years of expertise with visionary leadership as the CEO of DLMS Training Solutions. His career spans from the Navy to Siemens, marked by strategic roles that shaped his approach to corporate learning and development. With an MA in HRD from Northeastern Illinois University, James is now expanding his academic horizons by pursuing an EdD in HRD.

Currently, James is pioneering the Stephens TDPEM Model—a cutting-edge hybrid of the HPLJ Methodology—during his doctoral research. His role at Swissport as Area Training Manager showcases his knack for enhancing training outcomes through innovative strategies and models.

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Partner & CFO/Consultant and Instructor

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Tony Turturici: Financial Strategist and Trusted Advisor

Tony Turturici is the financial mastermind behind DLMS Training Solutions. He brings over thirty years of expertise in finance, from managing accounts to leading collections. As the CFO, his strategic leadership and innovative training programs have consistently propelled his teams to the top.

Adept in stock trading and financial consulting, Tony has empowered countless organizations and individuals to navigate fiscal challenges with confidence. His exceptional mentoring and coaching skills are rooted in the belief that knowledge fosters growth and opportunity.

With a history of holding high-level security clearances, Tony’s integrity and commitment to safeguarding information are unwavering. His two-decade-long consulting career is distinguished by meticulous analysis and tailored solutions, ensuring clients achieve financial stability and success.

Project Manager

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Michael Perez: Navigating Projects to Success

Michael Perez, the lead Project Manager at DLMS Training Solutions, brings over two decades of disciplined project management from the US Navy to the corporate world. His expertise encompasses the full spectrum of project life cycles, ensuring meticulous documentation, strategic planning, and budget adherence.

In the Navy, Michael was pivotal in orchestrating aircraft movements on carriers, managing emergency responses, and overseeing maintenance programs. His leadership extended to mentoring sailors, fostering their career growth, and ensuring safety and technical proficiency.

Transitioning to the corporate sector, Michael’s collaboration with teams has been instrumental in driving training and development projects to fruition. His commitment to clear communication and his methodical approach to training have significantly enhanced employee performance.

At DLMS, Michael’s role is crucial in aligning project milestones with client expectations, guaranteeing transparency and excellence in every endeavor.