Founder & CEO/Lead Consultant and Principal Training Specialist

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James Stephens is an accomplished Human Resource Development (HRD) professional with over twenty-six years of experience in the field (eleven years in the Navy, seven years with Siemens, two as a consultant contractor, and one year at Swissport) and holds a master’s degree in HRD from Northeastern Illinois University.

During his career, Mr. Stephens has held some key positions that include Fire School Director, Principal Training Specialist/Instructor (Navy), Senior Training Specialist (Siemens), Department Manager, Training Safety Officer, Program Manager, Mentor, Coach, Consultant, and Area Training Manager. Additionally, he completed over five thousand hours of counseling to earn his journeyman certification from the Department of Labor.

Qualifications include but are not limited to BS in Emergency Management; MA in HRD; project management; instructional design, curriculum development, needs assessment, classroom instructor/facilitator, consulting, strategic planning; and mentor and coach.

Mr. Stephens is currently the Area Training Manager for Swissport at ORD (O’Hare International Airport), responsible for the direct ownership of new hire onboarding, training compliance, skill gap analysis, quality assurance, OJC Program, and trainer development for the assigned station portfolio. He is the direct supervisor for six area trainers and has developed a solid partnership with station stakeholders in identifying the training needs for three lines of business (cargo, ground handling, and fuels) while activating training and development solutions.

Mr. Stephens is also currently doing research for an academic article that shows why the High Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ) methodology should be used in lieu of the outdated ADDIE Model – a continuation of his Master’s Thesis he authored while attending Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU).

Passionate about helping organizations develop effective training and development programs, Mr. Stephens provides expert consultations to help clients identify their training and development needs to determine the best course of action in finding the right solutions.

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Partner & CFO/Consultant and Instructor

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Tony Turturici's experience spans over thirty years in the financial field, including accounts receivable, account management, and collections. Mr. Turturici is an established manager, leader, including department manager, team leader, and program manager.

While simultaneously working in the collections field Mr. Turturici started his own stock trading business. He also provided financial consultations to organizations and individuals that are experiencing debt, and or credit issues. Mr. Turturici’s knowledge of finances allows him to expertly assist his clients no matter their financial needs.

Additionally, Mr. Turturici is an established trainer and facilitator, which included the authoring and facilitation of training that led to his teams ranking in the “top three” consistently; often finishing as the top team monthly and quarterly. His commitment to employee training and development makes him a valuable member of DLMS and our team. He believes that knowledge opens doors to more positive opportunities, which conveys his excellent mentoring and coaching skills.

Moreover, Mr. Turturici has held, and still is qualified to hold, a secret or higher clearance, which he earned as program manager for a collection agency that had an account with “The Department of Education”. Mr. Turturici and his team lead the organization in collecting student loan debt. This conveys his trustworthiness that he will get the job done, safeguard information, and ensure his team follows the same rules. In consulting this is a needed trait because trust means everything to project success – something that Mr. Turturici has earned time and time again.

Finally, Mr. Turturici has been a consultant for over twenty years, helping businesses and individuals with accounting and debt management through a detailed analysis to find the problems, and then providing viable options that help his clients with their financial problems. His attention to detail is unmatched, which ensures his clients get the best analysis, and coupled this with his organizational and communication skills, he offers the complete package when working on a project.

Project Manager

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Michael Perez is an established project manager, trainer, and mentor with experience that spans over twenty years between the United States Navy and the corporate sector. Mr. Perez’s experience includes creating project documentation and strategy plans for maintenance and repair projects, accounting for the complete project lifecycle from inception to closure, collaborating with participants to determine project timelines, and mapping projects for budget tracking and anticipated changes.

During his Naval career, Mr. Perez planned and supervised the safe movement of aircraft onboard several aircraft carriers, including the scheduling of training for his junior sailors, and managing their career development throughout the qualification process. Additionally, Mr. Perez coordinated the response to the flight deck and hangar deck emergencies, ensuring that response teams were ready to fight fires or contain HAZMAT spills.

Also, Mr. Perez managed, scheduled, and supervised the division’s maintenance program that covered vital equipment located in the hanger bar, on the flight deck, and in the primary flight control (tower). In addition, he was responsible for training his sailors on proper maintenance techniques, hazmat and safety procedures, and scheduling depot-level repairs by the shipyard and its government contractors.

After transitioning into the corporate sector, Mr. Perez collaborated with Mr. Stephens, managing training and development projects, including needs assessment, authoring project scopes, and ensuring the instructional design and curriculum development phases were tracked and completed on time.

Mr. Perez is dedicated to his team and our clients and believes communication is the key to completing projects on time and with optimum results.

Furthermore, his experience as a trainer includes assessing the training needs for all employees and new hires, coordinating and scheduling training sessions with fellow trainers, and examining previous training techniques that allowed him to make changes to training procedures, thus improving employee performance.

Mr. Perez is a vital member of the DLMS team and to our clients alike. You can be sure that when a project is started, all milestones will be met, and all stakeholders will be informed throughout.