Collaborative Leadership

What is collaborative leadership?

Collaborative leadership is the ability to lead within a group or team to complete a task, project, or assignment while working for a common goal or outcome. Collaborative leadership encompasses components of group dynamics, such as forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. 

Also, it is a way of managing people, groups, and teams across the organizations and their specific boundaries. Additionally, leaders work alongside employees during collaboration; often while working with other teams and departments to accomplish shared goals. 

HRD professionals will be tasked with collaborating across many departments within organizations. This may include talking with managers and other leaders to assess what is needed to improve performance and processes within the organization, or to illicit knowledge from subject matter experts (SMEs) to design and develop appropriate training interventions. 

 What are the top three challenges for you to enact collaborative leadership?

 What are some technology programs that can be used to support collaborative leadership?

The following are some free collaboration tools:

Trello Collaboration tool: