Technology Leadership

What is technology leadership?

Technological leadership encompasses how a leader uses technology during their daily duties and tasks, while leading others to complete their assigned tasks and duties. This may include ensuring their subordinates are trained to use the technologies required to complete their assignments, and to ensure they drive engagement, motivation, and focus throughout their teams.

The effects of technology on leadership practice

Technology offers many advantages for leaders:

  1. Flexibility

  2. Saves time and money

  3. Ease of completing tasks

Although many are forced to work remotely, there are advantages to using technology whether there is a global pandemic. Technology offers flexibility for leaders because tools like Zoom, Google Meetings, Skype, and Microsoft Teams allow for conducting meetings, focus groups, brainstorm sessions, etc. even with people are attending remotely, and from different geographical areas.

Because of this flexibility, leaders will find that these tools can save time and money. Most of the tools are free, and because you eliminate the need for travel, this too will save on costs. Another benefit is that leaders can schedule these meetings without having to worry about where to conduct them. Furthermore, if you use Zoom, you can record your meetings, and leaders can watch them later to see if anything was missed so when the next meeting is held, missing items can be addressed.

Lastly, leaders who use tools like Trello can organize and monitor team progress during projects. Other tools can offer tracking and organization of resources, like Wakelet, where team members can have access to one location. When security is an issue, tools like Microsoft OneDrive can be used on a company or organizational server.

How virtual technology can support leadership (workshop)

The following link is a workshop that will show how technology can support leadership during these tough times when virtual environments are prevalent and necessary for the safety of all.