This website will talk about all technology leadership, E-leadership, collaborative leadership, and professional development. 

What is leadership? 

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people, a team, or an organization through guidance, motivation, and direction to inspire positive performance for positive outcomes of tasks and projects. Leadership has never been as important as it has been through this current pandemic which has changed how we learn, conduct business, and complete our daily tasks.

Why is leadership important

Leadership is important for organizations to function successfully. Leaders provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship to those under their charge. Depending on the type of organization the type of leadership required will be different. 

This website will focus on the leadership that Human Resource Development (HRD) professionals will need to provide within the organizations they work for.

Businesses, corporations, and companies were forced to adapt when the pandemic hit March of 2020. Remote working became the new norm, and this meant relying on technology. Meetings and conferences would require leaders to lead without having face to face to contact with their employees and peers. 

HRD professionals are being asked to train employees in a digital environment. This means they join the ranks of other leaders within their organizations and help lead employees in learning how to do their jobs more efficiently in a digital world, how technology can help improve engagement, and how to lead interventions virtually when needed. 

Leadership for me has taken on a new challenge. During my twenty-four years in the U.S. Navy, I had to lead my sailors to complete daily tasks of maintenance, flight operations, damage control, and mission-critical exercises, including live combat. My leadership styles included being a coach, an authoritarian, and a mentor. 

Upon retiring, my leadership journey took me to Siemens where for seven years my job has been to lead technicians in learning how to install, operate, program, and maintain life safety codes using fire alarm control panels (FACP). This was done using classrooms training with FACP equipment and simulators. The pandemic has changed this drastically. With no face-to-face classroom training sessions, instructors have utilized virtual instructor-led training (VILT), which has changed how leaders must keep their learners engaged and instill a focus on what is being taught because there are no lab exercises since there are no FACP equipment and simulators for students to complete hands-on labs. This has heightened the leadership required to conduct these classes. 

Leadership in this capacity includes guidance, engagement, and coaching using technology.  Ensuring that technicians stay focused and motivated means the leadership must adapt their leadership styles and skills.  

Why is leadership important? 

Each page of this website will provide information that you can use and apply to be a leader in a technological environment, as a collaborative leader, and when e-leadership is required.